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lirik lagu 26ar – top 1


drench drench drench
n~gga, drench drench drench

and you know who the trigger man
run new york like i’m jiggaman
we ain’t squashing no beef b~tch (ayo eli, what the f~ck?!)
f~ck being the bigger man

[post~chorus 1]
f~ck the top 5 for this brooklyn sh~t, i got the situation
these n~ggas really fakin’, rappin’ ’bout moves that i was really making
15 with the l, we was really facing
bro we was like that when n~ggas wasn’t
‘fore we had guns, we get concussions
‘fore we caught waves, we was really brushing

[verse 1]
back in the day she was really f~ckin’
they like “ar up to somеthing”
and he always uppin’ somethin’
mind your business, you always up to somеthing
get the drop, we invited to your functions
slide weird, n~gga, access denied
lame opps beggin’ for a reply
giving me vladtv vibe
oh you always broke, so where you get two bands from?
she ain’t my grandmother, but she say i’m movin’ like i’m grandson
get him touched, no samsung, all the opps cl!cked up like a camera
queezy did hits in bandanas
i could pull strings, santana
so you better speak with some manners
know he got hit when you see him shake
they smokin’ my mans but they out of state
n~gga like me’ll tell you to your face
i got ties and my shooters laced
got a good side b~tch ’cause she know her place
50k to a lawyer to drop a case
if not, i’ma do the race
they gon’ find me in another state
hit hard when it’s real right?
most these n~ggas ain’t real right
on parole, but i gotta keep steel right?
if not, then i might get k!lled right?
can’t name a last time i had a real fight
sh~t, without it i don’t even feel right
none of my wounds ain’t heal right
‘fore the streets, i played ball, but i’m still nice

but you know who the trigger man is
d.e. do extra damage
sh~t i’ve been through, you couldn’t even manage
frio put me in a real house, i ain’t panic
any opp crib i went to, boy i lent it
my home is old and new
my money pink and blue
you know who you speaking to?

you know who the trigger man
run new york like i’m jiggaman
ain’t squashing no beef b~tch
f~ck being the bigger man
[post~chorus 2]
2k for a sweater, i’m ignorant
when it comes to my tags, got diligence
when it comes to the streets, b~tch i’m militant
if you talking ’bout gleesh, it ain’t limited

[verse 2]
me and these n~ggas is different
and at that, it’s significant
i don’t need no team to play tag
but i need all the opps as partic~p~nts
gon’ throw him a spiral
he made that n~gga go viral
i am these drill rappers’ idol
beef with 2~6, sucidal