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lirik lagu 26ar – statement


efore twitter was trendin’ topic (ayy)
i was on the block with thirty shots and glocks
had the spot hoppin, dummy
but they actin’ like they don’t remember that
been a leader with that heater, i got right up into that

you can never take a k!llin’ back
whole hеart was in the streets
i had to leave hеr, get my f~cking feelings back
same spot they shot my brother, next day i’m chillin’ at
i ain’t lyin’ they was winning

’til we started spinnin’ back (spinnin’ back)
but anyway, said enough of that
let’s talk about this paper (let’s talk about it)
let’s talk about them jets, yeah, let’s talk about jamaica

ask about me, i ain’t never been a fraud
i went hard from the start
in my city i’m a god, motherf~cker
if you know, you know

never been no phony though
rollies for my brodie though