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lirik lagu 26ar – on family


oh lets do it, it’s lit
your b~tch singing my whole song
she wit her friends like hold on
she see me and can’t keep her clothes on
they like swook from the o, and he still jack 26
sanctioned, you better know who to play with
n~gga thats gang sh~t
h~lla artillery if they want get with me n~gga
then n~ggas gon need more
empty the clips til i see sh~lls, like i’m at a seashore
i don’t need no styles like french
look what i’m rocking, drip
look at my closet, drip
free kg that’s it

{rocko ballin}
lil bro in the cut, he let it bang for mw
so you better not play with me
that lil smart one got a thing for me
and she cannot lay with me
lean in my cup, that ruger be dangling
but ain’t nothing said funny
[?] they come up and they aiming it
tell the pastor pray for him
you better know that gang gang got them
all i know is make them dollars
savage [?] them hollows
i ain’t tryna hang, just swallow
dipping on the d’s, that’s rocko
we spin, no looking back
she be telling me just rock slow
cause my d~ck all in her back
ay, if the scene wasn’t scary i ain’t slide
can’t name a time when i ain’t ride
won’t stress bout a b~tch that ain’t mine
we outside yall n~ggas stay inside
we furious, can’t trust no n~gga that’s curious
my b~tch bad and [?]
slide with a mask like rey, mysterious
say they gon’ k!ll me i can’t take em serious
26 we geeked up
we in the spot getting treeshed up
i never cared bout no opps
n~ggas better stop, n~gga i be gleeshed up
all of the opps gotta team up
[?] keep a mop he a cleaner
they be in shock when they see us
b~tches be hype when they meet up

{niiko suav}
i tote a fifth not a ruger
all my n~ggas smoke boomer
we still die lz for losers
we from the b f~ck kooda
diors when i step, no puma
these n~ggas only diss on computers
these n~ggas ain’t booming for boomer
{tazzo b}
i wanna know what the timing is
tazzo the b the drama king
drop the addy it’s that time again
now i’m spinning, n0body want drama b~tch
tell that n~gga come outside his crib
and i promise i won’t hurt his momma, b~tch
[?] walking with a llama, aim straight for medulla [?]
bullets multiply, substitution
add me in, lil opp died
slide with with friends, it’s a lituation
getting money i give them a demonstration
look, almost tired of waiting but the best way to hurt them is slow
be patient
shooters ready, we sliding through veering
“i’m young and i’m folk”, you know what’s next

{niiko suav}
watch how a young n~gga flex
pop out, i make them upset
if you coming, better come correct
drench gang, stretch, it’s lit
movie effects, blizzy, drench

one call he a goner
heard he ratted that boy in a former
we still posted right there on that corner
mask on but it ain’t for corona
b~tch i’m 26, step in the party that’s new drip
just spent a band on a new grip
we spot a opp that’s a new spliff
pull up to the~ pop out and we get to flexing on them like aye
can’t cuff a thot, won’t love a thot, ain’t gon stress about it, no way
said 260, n~gga drench gang, man you know them n~ggas don’t play
say we catch a body, call me tay~k man you know i’m finna do the race
told that hoe get out of my way, told my lawyer to play with that case
we up next out out of our way, big 26, and f~ck what you say
mix the boomer with the breezy, bout the green, like luigi
dripping off, it look easy, everything, it’s for queezy