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lirik lagu 26ar – i got the streets



she tryna, geek (geek, geek, geek)
she feelin’ my songs and all of her friends keep telling her i got the streets (ayy, ar)
she wanna, meet and greet
keep tellin’ me she is a freak (treesha)
i ain’t gonna cuff you, girl i’ma gon’ f~ck you, baby, back to the streets (back to the streets)
i can’t be loving no treesh, uh (at all)
f~ck all the cops, ain’t worried ’bout opps, n~ggas know i am a beast (ar)
that’s what i’ma say for the least (shhh)
these n~ggas know i got the streets (no cap)
i fly to the west, i need me a gleesh, that’s how i rock on the east (gleesha)
i know what i did in the streets (facts)
you know i got all kind of beef (n~gga everything k)
i got the streets yellin’ “treesha” (treesha)
since i got lit, hoes sayin’ i got meaner