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lirik lagu 26ar – have mercy


i’m too black! to see the light…
( yoeliwtf)
i’m too black! to see the light…
have mercyyyy, on me now…
have mercyyyy, on me now…

lord please, i’ll get on my knees (lord please!)
forgiveness, what a n~gga need
i don’t wanna see, no bloodshed in the streets (at all)
but i just gotta slide when they mentioning queez!
hear no evil
see none
yea a n~gga pray but i keep my gun
don’t wanna rob but, a n~gga need funds
since bro died, beef ain’t been fun
lord have mercy on me
i’ve been sliding, too much
drench gang
been riding too much
all my opps been dying too much
and they families been crying
i got a demon on me and i pray i get him off
bro booked i pray he beat the law
(tim bow) (big sh~t)
even though he small
he making bigger n~ggas fall
lord please accept my repentance
i know to you belongs my vengeance
i close my eyes
and see queezy ridin’
that’s what be havin’ me slidin’
walk with me
‘cuz i need guidance
open my eyes ‘cuz i see violance
i see young n~ggas dying
even though they got that iron
i see money multiplying
but everywhere is riots
i try to be quiet
‘cuz i swear n~gga
i just need peace
eyes bloodshot red
n~gga i need sleep
but i’m always on point
in case the opps creep
and a n~gga be up
thats when the opps sleep
and i heard they got guns but
that sh~t obsolete
i might want peace
but, ain’t sh~t sweet
i can’t ride for them n~ggas that’s weak
n~ggas left me in jail
when 12 did a sweep
all this disloyalty
making me weep
all these bonds get broken
over these freaks
this why i can’t take a chick serious (at all)
they leave a n~gga delirious
this clip like ferb, phineas
in case these n~ggas wanna act like idiots
n~ggas brag how much they up
you serious?
uncle told me don’t show it
leave em curious
pull up so fast furious
pull up so fast
get em gone
get away mysterious
them youngings look up to me
so they gone slide
jail make me wanna have a b~tch on the side
keep me a gun
and you know imma ride
what you think gone happen?
when n~ggas collide
f~ck all the laws
i’ll never abide
f~ck all them n~ggas who act like they slide
you know i’m overprotective
’bout mines
i’ll never tell a detective on mines
you shaking my hand
but don’t look in my eyes
you know that i’m reading between
all the lines
you know if you play with us
boy you gone die
you know me and niiko
pop up like, surprise
real demon in the streets
a n~gga got ties
bag full of them clips and sticks like supplies
you slidin’ on what block
n~gga don’t lie
i pray to god
a lil n~gga don’t try
she on my d~ck
‘cuz i buz like a fly
and a n~gga got knots like a tie
plus a n~gga turn blocks like pliers
i don’t need no shooters for hire
if i do and he miss he fired
played the field so long
i’m tired
and a b~tch get it too
i ain’t bias
got money on my head no buyers
i dare one yall n~ggas try it
don’t give up on your case bro
fight it
and you know just for tuss imma fly it (whoopty)
can’t wait till that jet is private (whoopty)
all i want sometimes is silence
til then imma study the science
and i study how the bros got k!lled (rip)
so i know how to move
no dying (boom)