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lirik lagu 26ar – beatbox freestyle


d~mn e this sh~t exclusive

drench, drench, drench
when you mention 26 mention we get packs man
and we get back man

still f~ck the l ’cause they be working with the fbi
f~ck 22 ’cause he be letting all his n~ggas die
keep a wrapper on ’cause i don’t need an sti
i shoot like harden, i might step aside then let it fly
b block, n~ggas know how we rock
got a beam glock, he try to run he shot
she a treesha, i can never eat her
she thinking ruth chris, she only getting pizza
spin in some black tints, pull up leave ’em mad red
hit a couple opps then whip it like a bad kid
he in the way, we hit his pops, now he a b~st~rd
drench, drench, drench drench drench
26ar, i go crazy
i will not lack for a lady
for my appearance they pay me
n~ggas in my own hood hate me
slide through winning with cutlery, all the real demons and savages f~ck with me
now that i’m lit, they all on my d~ck, they telling b~tches they grew up with me
that sh~t you did i been did it, feel like i’m committed how nina be stuck with me
these b~tches was ducking me, now that i’m up all a sudden these b~tches be stuffing me
my n~ggas stepping like 2 step, she on my d~ck got a blue check
must be dumb if you beefing with 26, got a gun but you never ‘gone use it
my flow disgusting, i got the streets n~gga ain’t no discussion
your b~tch in my bed giving head you disrupting
you ain’t ‘gone shoot it so why would you clutch it
you gotta use it if you upped it, ’cause after that then it’s stuck here
but on the real lets get to busting, then maneuver the whip i can’t get busted
i do not play with these n~ggas, if i get the drop i’mma lay on these n~ggas
snitching ain’t cool either, i wonder who raising these n~ggas (69)
they tryna get low but i’m trailing the v that they in, i’m blazing these n~ggas
them labels been hitting my line every week, i guess i’m amazing these n~ggas
f~ck bl!cky i’m lootgang, bang red like luol deng
i run it like usain, make ’em drop like loose change
i put that sh~t on consistently, my drip coming from italy
big dawg my pedigree, n~ggas ‘gone always remember me
i gotta see it i care about no hype
i’m a savage n~gga, i done drenched the same block twice
get a n~gga gone for the right price
b~tch i’m too fly, i done bought the same mikes twice
get a n~gga gone for the right price
b~tch i’m too fly, i done bought the same mikes