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lirik lagu 26.miles & sondern – road to superiority pt. 2


(haha, 26 you crazy)

(sondern verse)

as i begin, i pray to the lord to blur me from all the toxic
portrait that’s the only time wen it chaotic
i’m making sure to never put myself with empty pockets
hope my music gets an echo and gets to the market
lately i’ve been listening and talking by my acts
n~~~~s have been taking me for p~~~y now i’m back
i don’t wanna seem like i’m just better but that’s the fact
i can see u rappers were never born with the mic

one minute and thirty seconds that’s your only time
to spare me out your ear to the story of my life
i can see a picture where it me at the front, taken by you rappers at the back, camera shot
smoke alotta jets cause i prefer to be blunt
talking to the angels is better than to be drunk
i’m at my own position and it way better than trump’s
now address me well and talk to me nicely and be politely
in the f~cken stuu where we likely to f~ck sh~t highly
how you comparing me with n~ggas who ain’t so high key
ask about me in your city and ask god almighty
i bet you that to him
i’m superiority!