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lirik lagu 24migo – pandemics


now im f~cked up because that corona
im suffering and cursed like lalorona
im facing the truth i’ll be the one tesla
im bored, im sad, but you dont believe ya

f~ck the conspiracy sh~t up!
the money,the wallet got empty, can’t set up
bought em a bike, b~tch! f~ck em up
i be masked up,still suck as f~ck

b~tch! i k!lled them really soft like im hitman
pandemics? i keep eating up like im pacman
dead man, youre a dead man. im a batman
nonono, i’ll be strongest guy like a superman

dudе, im super thirsty. give me lеmonade
wait up, ill be blowing up like. like a grenade
f~ck man, wake up in the day got me headache
i’ll be k!llin haters like an ak

eat, sleep, repeat
corona just make me
eat, sleep, repeat
f~ck the homeworks, i just
eat, sleep, repeat
nothing to do, just go
eat, sleep,repeat

2020 a lil bit sweety honey
im shinin this sunny day, fresh like money
2020 i chillin with ma homie
i’ll tryna be cool but im not sanitizy

im not a travis scott, but im still flamin
relationship? that’s hurting
you gimme a fake feelings, but im not cryin
gimme an ice vvs d~mn im flexing

mask, gloves already to use
prada, louisv expensive for you
charli with dixie georgeous and cute
this situation make me confused

i got me thinking laying on my bed
my phone is ringing she need me so bad
so lazy im trying my client got mad
i gotta do something still f~cked so sad

tell that b~tch, go slide
d~mn, i gotcha lie
flood dont wanna die
sh~t i shouldn’t tied
looking at my wrisk, wow dude! got new brand patek
bro, you have some fever? hold on, hold on. i got ice pack
sunday go to gym, next week got my sixpack
i just bought a phone, next day? got my screen crack

im fall in love with my bed, thats pathetic
party overnight till i drunk thats oversick
dance, dance, dance then i got sl!ck
eat, sleep, repeat got some netflix