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lirik lagu 24kay – 24flair


fear 3s on my feet & i still don’t fear
everything is clear boy i k!ll you with a spear

everything is clear boy you hear me in the air
& you hear the drums do you hear the snares

& i’m drippin please call me mr.flair
24flair cuz you know i’m drippin

& no i’m not trippin you is slippin
no hop but you hear the way that i’m hippin

& you see it on my side shooting scottie pippen
& you know my name is jordan cuz i’m scorin

& they mad cuz you hear they music dey borin
no ocho i stay with the cinco

dont f~ck witchu cuz them n~ggas really gringo
and they green a feen thought you knew doe

he don’t know i’m winning everything like its bingo
no lottery they really mad at me

no pottеry i’m getting salvery
i’m getting salary boy thеy really mad at me
cuz they mad cuz ion where the m~th~f~ckin trappas be
i blew up quick hadda make a way

told free mook i told him imma make a way
undalay to get him to a better place

a safer place and i had to save the day
boy i pull up inna wraith

think it’s outter sp~ce think i’m smoking lace

never smoking lace can’t pick up phone it’s not trace
& you know i hadda make a way i’m first place

first class and them n~ggas never f~cking last cuz
24 rapping from the brain thought you knew doe

they don’t know i kick it flip it like it been judo
but it’s not judo my hair is long it’s bruno

& i can’t give n~ggas claps no cudos