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lirik lagu 24hrs – srts for the gang


n~ggas get shot playin’ rough and tough
kicked her out the coupé ’cause she scuffed the buffs
n~ggas over there, they ain’t have no love for us
my n~ggas over here, man, they love to bust
freaky b~tch, she talkin’ to me s~xual (yeah)
thirty round will turn her to a vegetable (ooh)
if i’m proud of you, i put you in some prada (ooh)
window down, all them cops smell this zaza (ooh)
i got money, i got bail, i ain’t frail, n~gga (ooh)
put a thousand dollars in a wishin’ well, n~gga (ooh)
me and her, margiela on the jet too (ooh)
bad b~tch, she got ass, p~ssy wet too (ooh)
she don’t wanna f~ck with no rap n~ggas (ooh)
thank god i’m a ceo, i’m really rich (ooh)
shе don’t wanna f~ck with no lame n~ggas
she met twеnty and she really heard we k!llin’ sh~t
she gon’ do anything that twenty say
i need like two hundred in like twenty days
ain’t a sprinter, but she takin’ down my crates
lil’ homie got smoked, he was playin’ spades

bottegas on, i can’t see the shade