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lirik lagu 24hr video – the older i get, the less i know


innocence slowly crumbles as you age
or is it this knowledge lost to questions gained

i ask myself am i ok
is this way right, or have things changed
lessons learned, and memories lost
it gets me far, but at what cost
the so called best days of our lives
are dodging bullets and picking fights
l!cking wounds like siting ducks
watching wolves eat all of us
sitting down and you stand back up
leaving tracks just to cover up
forgot what month, forgot what year
forgot what i was doing here
phases pass like night and day
i think i’m wise enough to say

the older i get, the less i know
that’s for sure

can’t find the end to all of my questions
racing around to make up a sentence
why should i leave when everything follows me
don’t want to go, but don’t want to stay here
maybe it’s better applied than on paper
when did the holidays no longer seem fun
that’s what happens when you grow up