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lirik lagu 24hr video – ghosts


had a dream last night, where i was just a boy
three ghosts were chasing me around my kitchen floor
they looked like angels wearing gloves made out of meat
they ran in circles til they got those gloves on me

slipped up on the radiator, fell down on my head
woke up in a pool of sweat, and i went right back to bed
and it was all okay

two years its been now, since i last have seen your face
i wrote some songs about those years that i have wasted on
trying to hunt for ghosts

had a dream last night where i was hiding in a tree
the same ghosts had death in their eyes and were looking right at me
they took my legs and then they tied them to a kite
they wouldn’t stop until their eyes were out of sight

i took a chance and i cut the string and i fell down to the grass
woke up with my head on the floor, and a ring around my calf
but it was all okay