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lirik lagu 2200oc – n/a


[verse 1: 2200oc]
wavy trips from my past
recall ’em lookin at my dash
100 on that b~tch, hope i don’t crash
need a tray just for the ash
puffin’ i know my lungs not gonna last
the kid can rap
i know for sure my career gonna blast
coolin in the back no shine like matte
i don’t work out my stomach lookin’ fat
oc putting jersey on the map
breakin the bud up crumbs fall in my lap
don’t f~ck with snakes and don’t f~ck with no rats
been on the defensive but its time to attack
i need my weed where the f~ck is my pack
curtains closed dark as sh~t
tv on cl!ck the flix
check my phone ain’t no b~tch
mind gone smokin’ zips
watch your tone i won’t trip
feelin strong blunt on lip
i’ve been wrong but that’s it
in my zone take a rip
socks with holes from the grip

[verse 2: 2200oc]
baby milo on the back of my torso
under the radar i’m keeping it low
gaining knowledge that’s mentality growth
ice in my veins b~tch i’m shootin’ free throws
weirdos keepin’ tabs like p.o’s
beat up the beat like a women beater
winters comin’ i’m givin’ heaters
ignore em like the sh~t on the bottom of my sneakers
f~ck online beef b~tch never been a tweeter
runnin’ sh~t up so much they question if ima cheater
only time he’s runnin’ up when it’s after me and boy i’m ahead by meters
[verse 3: 2200oc]
future plans not applicable
murderin’ beats been habitual
outcasted thinkin’ like an individual
nature lover in an era that’s digital
say he trap but i know that its fictional
f~ck math never was good with the integrals
hit a couple of l!cks but never was criminal
don’t f~ck with snakes kept that sh~t to a minimal
chasin’ dreams going for the unthinkable
closed~minded folks thinkin’ the success mythical
now they realizin’ oc been critical
typical beggin’ to come back they miserable
smoking so much i think i failed my physical
don’t read the dictionary but still lyrical
dissected music to get good wit syllables
only homies in my circle no additional
tight ship made sure my sh~t was unsinkable
watchin’ out for plates with the munic~p~l
crazy before i was feelin’ invisible
now the rap got the kid feelin’ invincible
momma been showin’ love that’s unconditional
eatin’ my greens making sure i was nutritional
gave me the confidence to be original
runs in the family that sh~t traditional
comin’ soon better watch for the visuals