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lirik lagu 22 – you are creating


[verse 1]
for every step, there is a stone
for every product, a craft you hone
music is not about the words and tones
yeah we play it, and then you make it into music
we rely on your ears to hear
discover what we did not know was there

all your experiences
derived from your senses

[verse 2]
so every letter is an empty container
and every note, a vessel you ride
the voice you hear is a voice inside your head
it’s not a picture and it’s not a test
it’s not a metaphor, an ~n~logy
lest you want it to be
it can be whatever you want it to be

everybody’s feeling like
“oh my, that’s my song”
and it is because
you’re hearing yourself
by means of us
there’s no quote unquote
you’re creating this note
all your experiences
derived from your senses

[verse 3]
the tool of art can only take you as deep
as the person who made it dared to reach
within theirselves
that’s the only quest
the artist needs worry about, forget the rest

choose your words for what they convey
and not for what they mean or say
you’re using these lines to come through to you

everybody’s saying
“he is singing about me”
you’re singing to yourself, you see
who made the joy
who made the strife
you’re creating your life
obviously, i’m not singing
it was you all along
you’re creating every song
take credit and bow
’cause we do not
stand up and reclaim
you created this refrain