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lirik lagu 21spendexx – the press conference (intro)


[intro: various voices]
spencer, you’ve been out of the public eye for two years!
what have you been doing with your time?
sir sp~n~s! any comment on the recent leaked c~ck camera footage of you and pete b~ttigieg?
do you remember that one time in fifth grade when you ripped your pants?
his twinkiness! has the bottle full of cum began to mold?
ayo spee, you know where i can get some weed?
daddy, do you think if i swallowed your cum i’d gain your powers?
mr. spendexx, when you said, “i’ll f~ck your dog and you too,” what did you mean?
if her age is on the clock, is she ready for the c~ck?
do you eat ass?
do you really have a scar on your p~n~s?
why the f~ck are you a vegan?
has 14spendexx recovered from his botched circumcision?
why do they call you beer d~ck?
why do you complain about being called g~y, and then rap about sucking c~ck?

is 21 back?