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lirik lagu 21prado – how many times


how many times
too many times
lifestyle crazy, like a rockstar put my life on the line
i ain’t tryna go back and forth yeah
no no no
you don’t ever wanna keep it on the low yeah
now they know

(verse 1)
why, why you always on the road
living by the code, i be chilling in my zone
i , i be tryna make it home
see me everywhere i go, now she ringing my phone
now she wanna come by yeah
told her bring a friend too for my guy yeah
i ain’t really tryna go back, back, back
never do much, always take a back track
she always changе my mind yeah
i can show you things, what i like yeah
shе wanna try something new
girl i’m tryna catch a vibe with you

(verse 2)
girl i hope that you feel my pain
and i know that you feel the same
took a long time just to know your name
ima be the first, never take my place
and i know that i know certain things i wouldn’t tell ya
i bet you thought i wasn’t loyal?
no denial
testing me got your body on fire