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lirik lagu 21prado – get to the mulla


21prado ~ get to the mulla (lyrics)


i be up all night, i ain’t getting no sleep
( i’m tryna get to the mulla)
hating on me but it’s not that deep
(i’m tryna get to the mulla)
if i get what i want, i ain’t playing for keeps
(i’m tryna get to the mulla)
ima ot bop, they on my league
(i’m tryna get to the mulla)

(verse 1)

i’m tryna get to the mulla la
they making me laugh like ha ha ha
heading to the top, gotta raise the bar
got a german ting in a foreign car
had to get a young boy silenced
told him i don’t really talk too much
confidential when i walk in
told him i don’t wanna flex too much
she jarring
she jarring
got my eyes on thesе ps that i’m earning
she’s nasty but she’s classy
eyеs come lazy, looking like chinese
a walk in the park when i’m taking my chances
telling me i’m wavey? i don’t do dancing
taking a l going against me
we never tell, keeping it confidential
yeah you know me i’m presidential
try me ? ima switch up the tempo
off my whites like am virgil abloh
i got sk!lls like esco pablo
21, 21, i’m so macho
they hating on me, i do this better
fyi, black lives matter
never come last, ima go getter
wanna get rich so i gotta grind harder

(verse 2)

hating on me but i’m on my grind
cash flow, cash flow, on my mind
doing the most, i’m doing the most oh yeah
everything blessed, my n~ggas they turn up
april fools, gas gets burn up
me and you, can never be one up
where was you? when i was on the come up
get to the mulla
way too young to be wasting my time; gotta get to the mulla
taking more wins, on wins, on wins, i’m like don shula
got a nice face, she ain’t got no brains, she ain’t got medulla
i’m tryna get to the mulla