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lirik lagu 21king – opps


these opp watching my move falcon watching my move falcon studying my moves taking notes hunnids and billions i want that so i’ma go catch a bag i don’t catch no hoe she want to leave then go don’t call my phone i don’t tell no hoe sh~t f~ck a b~tch while got a b~tch gotta keep another on the side hunnids i’ma tryna make my bag put my money in the duffle you tryna run up my crew dumped your sh~t n~gga bag back i don’t even need no gun my crew will dumped your sh~t if you tryna run up run up sn~tched my chain if you try it will get witched n~gga bag back n~gga bag back i want a 30 round clip a p~ssy n~gga speaking on me hes house get witched like the titanic f~ck what a n~gga i’ll f~ck his b~tch and his sister kicked that n~gga door bust a couple shot in his ass f~ck one b~tch i need two b~tches never had my phone to a b~tch shot that n~gga sh~t down pull up shut that n~gga sh~t down f~ck what you mean don’t f~cked away because my crew is the iceberg you the titanic don’t f~cked away f~ck what you saying we ain’t doing no take back we pull up we tryna catch a body f~ck what you mom got to say she can chock on a d~ck me and my crew will wicked your sh~t bust a couple of shots at any hater f~ck white,black,mixed,or any other race sh~t will get wicked and don’t give 2 f~cks about it hunnids better have my hunnids don’t got my hunnids we pulling up sh~t getting wicked take your b~tch my crew take your rats f~ck what you mean