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lirik lagu 21 slaughter – freestyle 1



[verse 1] 18chain$
ay yo (insideee)
going no going back to back to it
loosen up yo, going up to the rocket(no cap)
gonna love the rocket tell me you ain’t n0body (n0bodyyy)
listen up the shorty make it out the body(out the body)
too loud,too slow
ain’t no more, ain’t no more
looking back, loosen up
going down, mike is up
ready 80 off me now
49 means the back at the clout
with the cow,with the mouth(no gram)
ain’t no mouth stop the oprah right now
shake it up..
shake the room off the voom(two two)
ain’t no fool smoking dope in this room
not a doom
listen up to rome in the (fum)

[verse 2] 21slaughter
speed it up no cap
whole are gang, chain from frame
oh no,frame no blame,is no frame
no cartier dance
she look at the stance
yellow yellow in the vans
no pants came from j~pan
yellow vans in dance
caps of j~pan
it not enough for gang
(my lyrics)
i got a new chain
is there is a bongo
try from it and say is a no no
blunt is a city that they came from a new home
weed is a power that they need to pull on
stay with my homies and smoking this blunt
this is the reason that i want that i want
coming the b~tches,how looking they far
prepare the d~ck,i could’t say fun

[verse 3](not my lyrics)
that’s my party, private party (oo)
with my woadies, (oooo) with your shawty (oooo)
big ol’ glock (ayyy) that’s a .40 (ooo!)
29 jeans, don’t wear a 40
don’t wear no 40
i f~cked a milf (mm) ,you think she 40
i f~cked her daughter, now she my shorty
back in the days i blow that haze and drink a 40

[verse 4](not my)
you f~cked a milf, (yeah yeah)
you think she 40, (yea yea)
you f~cked her daughter, (yea yea) now she my shorty, (yea yea)
(ayy) cartier dance
you look at the stance
yellow laces in vans
pants came from j~pan
i am deep dope
b~tch you having go
money from the sky go
bluemotion on!