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lirik lagu 21 savage – start dying (ft. offset)


f-ck wrong, with a n-gg-?
migo gang!
p-ssy n-gg-!

(verse 1: offset)
momma told me to get money but don’t be stupid
know how to add up the grams and weigh up the bands, don’t know how to use computers
bando beating like its lex luther
pinky ring 60 thousand man, you can’t f-ck with my squad and you know it man
come on my block, get extorted man
dope on my margella, dope on my wrist and my fist cuz i’m cookin up coca man
wind milling that pot like a hurricane
and i hope you don’t think that we broke man
come to the north and its c-keland
the critics, say change my att-tude
i told em f-ck em, get my grat-tude
don’t make me show you what the mac 11 do
better watch out, you’ll get life with that dog food
standing, in the, trap, made a, hundred thousand
call up the migo he pull up extension, he glaowed him
i got them bricks, but used to be nickel and dimeing
look at my rolly it’s flooding, i can’t see the timing
everything cool til you p-ssy n-gg-s start dying
heart of a lion
you p-ssy n-gg-s start dying
you p-ssy n-gg-s start dying
you p-ssy n-gg-s start dying
you p-ssy n-gg-s start dying

(verse 2: 21 savage)
started off with a nickel rock
ran it up to a whole brick
p-ssy n-gg-, start down, kick door, n-gg- ohh sh-t!
fn 5-7, 30 rounds, extended clip n-gg- blue tips
pull upon you window down, choppas out, murder gang n-gg- don’t slip
21 savage
b-tch i cause havoc
riding with the 30
n-gg- that’s a habit
make the choppa seem like i’m in the credit
bought a building n-gg- handy with the ratchets
i’m trappin and cappin
shipping and packin
robbin and rackin
designing my fashion
change on bling
watching my ring
and i get all my cases so f-ck an arrangement