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lirik lagu 21 savage – never fair


chasethemoney, chasethemoney!

[verse: 21 savage]
politicians crooked, police crooked, presidents is crooked
n~ggas crooked too (n~ggas crooked too)
the black boys ’bout up the white cops shot him
the [?] said and justified it, all lives matter
her dad was a robber, her mom was a mopper
she been here since she was a toddler then took away [?]
he k!lled the students, the princ~p~ls too
grew up with a silver spoon, got ten dudes too
i’ma tell you about a boy named nate
good kid in a [?], mama stay on section eight
she worked two jobs, she tried to keep ’em straight
she do her best since daddy locked up servin’ twenty~eight
see, nate go to school with blake
blake from up the street, their house is like a mile away
he got everythin’ he want but he a different race
nate mama used blake mama address to registrate
see, blake wanted to be like trey
trey a gangster, he stay right across the street from nate
he got all the girls, but he dropped out in may
so blake stole his mama money and went and bought a cape
now, blake ridin’ round with nate
he stole his momma’s card, is a key a counterfeit?
two girls, blake, nate, and blake’s cape
they pullin’ up the golden glide where everybody skate
blake mama caught the police, she don’t know it’s blake
blake and nate lead escape and rink, they run they plates
pull em over, tell ’em freeze, they see blake’s cape
nate shakin’ so they shot him two faces in the face
[chorus: ty dolla $ign]
oh, oh, sh~t ain’t never fair
oh, teachers never care
oh, police want me dead (ooh, yeah, ooh yeah)
sh~t ain’t never fair (never fair, oh~oh~oh)
we would never die, oh~oh (ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah)
i need a prayer, ooh, yeah
these men just want me dead
ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah