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lirik lagu 21 savage – issa


[intro: 21 savage]
issa kyle, might be jenner, hol’
it’s fight or die, she leave wit’ the winner

[verse 1: 21 savage]
issa knife, dawg, i got stripes, dawg
what’s in that wraith, savage? it’s some white, dawg
it’s some nose-white, that’s just lyin’
chopper’s hangin’, then you {?
i’m on [?}, issa nine
on gresham road, all the time
i be cheatin’, she be cryin’
she tell the truth, i be lyin’
issa painting, half a ticket
issa kylie, might be jenner
issa jet, issa check
issa savage, now she wet (that b-tch wet)
issa pyrex, i got crack
got a coolin’ system, issa tec
if your b-tch spend the night, issa s-x
if your watch ain’t cost a hundred, it ain’t sh-t

[verse 2: young thug]
issa x, don’t disrespect
if she don’t check ’em, issa next
issa slice, yes or not (yes or no)
only one ’bout it, issa squash
i’m out the gutter, dawg, n-gg- i’m real raw
n-gg-, i got real hittas
issa great difference (great)
n-gg-, i’m real raw, issa babysitter
oh, that’s a real kiddie?
n-gg-, that’s a real stripper (fool)
i see right [?], issa pig, n-gg-
cut ’em in half {?]
tremendous pool in the living room
we die for the streets, b-tch, tyc–n
n-gg-, issa pack, n-gg-, issa neck
n-gg-, issa knife, came for a slice
baby, get right, n-gg- get diced
got [?] at the crib, issa delight

[verse 3: drake]
issa 21, issa jeff
issa profit, dawg, issa neck
i watch hugo sell 4 million, issa stretch
you gave something to the cops, issa sketch
issa a drawing, issa foreign
this look fun, that looks boring
girl, stop textin’ me so much, it’s annoying
issa a bl–dy la ferrari, issa fortune

[verse 4: 21 savage]
issa dark pad, issa goyard
that’s a pump fake, this a bogart
issa vv2 and it’s winter
i’m a g-ngb-nger, i’m lieutenant

[verse 5: young thug]
issa [?], issa lieutenant
boy, got a weapon, [?]
kept me on target, kept me on barget
please don’t scream, it’s an arson

[verse 6: 21 savage]
issa rolls royce and it’s tinted
b-tch, your bank account on line at the dentist
this event, it ain’t rented
this a diss song, not a missile

[verse 7: young thug]
issa ride, aye, issa blue badge
issa [?], aye, issa green badge
issa frost paint, issa [?] wash
issa [?] (by who?), alexander w-ng

[verse 8: drake]
issa 40, issa 30
this is deadly, y’all not ready
issa nail polish, b-tch, i’m petty
issa a ton of these, sh-t’s got heavy
issa ysl, issa pde
that’s my old ting, issa a tbt
issa tax bracket, issa stoney jacket
world is mine now, it’s on tony’s status

[verse 9: 21 savage]
n-gg-, don’t argue, n-gg-, you martin
n-gg-, don’t harp, n-gg-, we harlem
and i got a rari and i got a harley
then i got saint lauren on my garments
issa 21, issa red
issa now, issa forever
issa freestyle, issa risk
issa kiss, yes, you kissed me
yes, you kissed me, yes, dismissal
yes, dismissal, yes, my pistol
yes, it spillin’, yes, it spillin’
yes, in villains, yes
issa k!ller, issa [?]
issa {?], issa [?]
issa {?], issa [?]
issa {?], issa [?]
issa {?], issa [?], 21

[verse 10: young thug]
issa, issa, issa, issa, issa, issa
issa, issa
issa, issa, issa
issa, issa, issa
issa slight problem, n-gg-
[?] problem call
with your b-tch on my [?]
[?] grab the nine, dawg, n-gg-