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lirik lagu 21 savage – help me


help me, can you help me?
i got fifty bags of gas, can you help me?
i just cooked another brick, can you help me?
help me, can you help me?
i pulled up in a fisker then i pulled off in a [?]
thought this sh-t was sweet, i left his -ss on a stretcher
i don’t catch feelings, i’m too busy catching [?]

[verse 1]
pull up in the trenches, pull up in the trenches!
i said that sh-t on woe, dog
i got the juice like o-dog
i got ‘caine like i’m kane
me and lotto in that f-cking fisker switching lanes
pull up on a p-ssy n-gg- and f-ck on his main
i just spent a fifty-thousand dollars on a chain
i just spent a twenty on a motherf-cking ring
young savage b-tch, i got this sh-t off cocaine
skrt, skrt, skrt
pull up on your b-tch and give her that skrr
pull up on your b-tch and drop that work
yeah, and i’m still getting paid
b-tches getting slaughtered, man these b-tches getting slayed
keep that glock 40, dare a n-gg- to touch my chain
i shoot this motherf-cker like my name max payne


[verse 2]
i’m a dog like michael vick
i used to sell them michael vicks
i can’t even lie, i ain’t never sold a brick
but i got some partners who done really sold them bricks
young savage b-tch and i done really hit them licks
i really put that pistol on these p-ssy n-gg-‘s sh-t
run up on a n-gg-, better take a n-gg- sh-t
if your diamond’s h-tting you could take a n-gg- b-tch
i hit four hundred and went a bought a ‘vette
your diamonds so cloudy, who the f-ck sold you that sh-t?
you know d-mn well don’t no rolex f-cking tick
-get your motherf-cking money up n-gg-, try again n-gg-, 21-
oil[?] base dope, i gotta try again
dope got wet, it gotta dry again
p-ssy -ss rappers telling lies again
-p-ssy -ss, b-tch -ss- f-ck boy