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lirik lagu 21 savage – fuck my teacher (tootie)


[verse 1]
diamonds on me fleeking (that boy cassius)
diamonds on me fleeking (wheezy beatz)
diamonds on me fleeking, bad b~tch with me freaky
f~ck that b~tch this evening, f~ck that b~tch then leave her
21 savage don’t need ya
dog n~gga hoe, mistreat her
two cellphones, sell dope, no beeper
keep my mouth closed, i don’t know those people
sold out shows, ain’t no more of those bleachers
f~ck these rap n~ggas, ain’t no more of those features
i’m a millionaire, i’m screaming f~ck my old teachers

[verse 2]
i got a slice, yeah yeah, of the pie, yeah yeah
pockets full, yeah yeah, yours light, yeah yeah
b~tch you thirsty, yeah yeah, i got ice, yeah yeah
free my dawg, yeah yeah, he got life, yeah yeah
let yo b~tch go, yeah, she got life, yeah
she f~cked the gang, yeah, she so nice, yeah
catch a body, h~ll yeah, i got stripes, yeah yeah
these n~ggas snitching, yeah yeah, they so mice, yeah yeah