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lirik lagu 21 savage – black kkk


[21 savage]

slide back the van door
21 savage, i got choppas like commando
100 round drum; i ain’t running out of ammo
pull up on a p-ssy n-gg- block dressed in camo
bape n-gg-, i’m an ape n-gg-
get inside that pyrex bowl and then i scr-pe n-gg-
got a bad b-tch; i’m about to paint her face n-gg-
i got some white for that lil b-tch, it ain’t toothpaste n-gg-
baby mama love sucking big c-ck
b-tch i make that murder music; this ain’t hip hop
fox 5 gang, fox 5 gang
whole lot a 30s around the breaking news gang
[refrain: 21 savage]
black ku klux klan
black ku klux klan
got that choppa kicking n-gg-s like jackie chan
most wanted klan
most wanted gang
love to toe tag young savage killed your man
im in 187 i’m with big flock
[big flock n-gg-!]
young savage b-tch i keep a big glock
fox 5 gang, fox 5 gang
better tuck your chain n-gg- this fox 5 gang

[big flock]

b-tch i’m glocka glocka i came with 21
i just swapped my 36 for a glock 21
it ain’t got a 30 clip but it hold 21
and ant got 30 years that fool ain’t even 20 something
vest up on me that sh-t look like c-mberbun
drum in the 26 it look like a honey bun
shoot your brother send his -ss to his mother, and now she praying that i don’t find her other son
knife up on the baby choppa it’s cuttin’ them
draco need 100, 50 wasn’t cuttin it
can’t hold your water like a fish then we gutter you
all a n-gg- see is green like i’m b-ttercup
wait wait n-gg-; you can’t escape n-gg-
we the black kkk because we hate n-gg-s
off of 6 percocets can’t stay awake n-gg-
my n-gg-s shooting more shots than you 2k n-gg-s