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lirik lagu 21 savage & just rich gates – 21 gates


[verse 1: vonte gates]
call my shooters in the six
diamonds on me, look like p-ss
catch me in the hoop d below keyon rich
i’m gone f-ck your main b-tch
21 gone get your side b-tch
i’ve got hoes sniffing cocaine, sipping high tech
all these dudes around me shooting sh-t to stay excited
welcome to bahamas, meet my plug on the island
smoke a whole a pound of green crack, got me f-cked up
literally found 20 bands, b-tch i lucked up

[hook: 21 savage]
n-gg-s don’t wanna see me win, and i know it
why i get that check, grab that check, and i blow it?
f-cked his baby mama first night, she was starstruck
that sh-t that’s on my hip gone wake you up, n-gg- starbucks
she gone suck a real n-gg- long, she got lockjaw
that money coming, going back and forth like a seesaw
made me spill my double cup, that sh-t had me t’d off
b-tch i’m from the six you run up on me, blow your knees off
[verse 2: just rich gates]
i got shooters, i got shooters, i got shooters in that zone six
young n-gg- ride around, brazy with them yop sticks
water splashing in’ n out that pot, i got sea sick
finessing with a dummy brick, p-ssy i do trap tricks
vvs diamonds dancing, moving like a jet ski
jc in my squad, man we run this sh-t up to sc
f-ck the rap game, man i do this sh-t for slam dunk
n-gg- call my phone for a zoe, what the f-ck you want?

[hook: 21 savage]

[verse 3: chris gates]
made a whole lot of fetty with my trap queen
i got grams of loud for the 15
i’m running from 12 like batman
i pull up with shooters in a black van
swing through your hood like tarzan
woo, woo, pull up, pull up, i got dirty in my cup
i’m sipping on that syrup(lean!), i’m sipping on that syrup(lean!)
i’m in the club with the old man, yeah that 40 tucked
your ex on my d-ck, if i see her we gone f-ck
i might cash your b-tch out cus’ that cash what i’m about, gates!

[hook: 21 savage]