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lirik lagu 20tone – collapse


13 sinners at my last meal
thats real
we was posted at the bastille high as cat sk!lls

late in the day
might break a lil fast still
laying on the lawn contemplating how the grass feel
moon in the midday
klan in the kente
scam for a penny
slam on a sensei
contract for 10 days
still couldn’t catch em like a entei
ask mayor kenny
smooth so smooth how i move suavemente
thru the wicked city
dipping wet w~ll~~s
pulling achilles
paid a few billies
with a sim millie
blood chilly as a reptillian
shine brilliant
saucing on squares like sicilians
really am
nothing but a vessel
embezzled for a bezel
below sea level
pull strings im gepetto

sliding down a back road
i’ve always known
best to skip the speed traps, and relapse
memories flood back, and collapse

some seem to stay stuck
like a light from above