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lirik lagu 20means – do you!


man tell why these lil’ independents think they can rock with nathan
if they coming, hope i catch ‘em, decapitating they faces
politicking and debating since jiggy made “dilla made” it
‘til we make it, we just making some music for fornication
f~ck it
oops, i forgot i didn’t do an introduction
call him 20 from the south
pimp walking like he caught the gout
show me how me you ‘bout it, stop showing it for a little clout
i highly doubt, you falling off, but show out for a word of mouth
the 803 where i landed, i’m not from atlanta
still these negus out here is apes, and they tote bananas
cops always asking some questions, and they chеck the camera’s
ladies lovе taking some pictures just for the instagrammers
gotta love ‘em
gotta keep ‘em black because they throw that booty back when i give ‘em that…
but f~ck it, on the chase for money
i don’t need no interruptions
‘less you talking ‘bout cash, then we on the same subject
and that’s only ‘cause i gotta get my momma out the struggle
buy a couple businesses for my sisters and my brother
yeah i’ll probably buy a maserati and a lil’ hummer
but i can’t get no materials until i got some commas
and that’s word to the lil’ n~gga coming up
get your money right and family straight, then f~ck it up
probably bad advice but sh~t we all got vices
whether l~st, greed, pride we all living in a crisis
but anyways
back to the basics, y’all don’t like the deep sh~t
but i’mma spit it ‘cause i don’t see many i compete with
now i don’t want everybody be an over conscious rapper
but give the people a mix, like kanye with a kardashian
take my time, & learn the tricks of the trade with this sh~t rapping sh~t
diamond in the rough, the pressure isn’t even half of it
rapping in my room ‘cause the studio isn’t at dispense
but this what i’mma do and pursue it but in conclusion hope the blacks will hear ‘cause the whites pay attention to threats
but if my music don’t get played then i’mma have to grab a tec
ma, forgive me but this music gotta work and that’s a bet
your favorite rapper have to put his f~cking album on a shelf
& grab a nathan means tape and tat that sh~t across his chest
so when he meet his maker he maker’ll say that he know the best
i put the “2 0” to the side so y’all can see my vision clear
and when they say my name they say it so the universe can hear it
need a 1900s n.i.g.g.a just to decipher my lyrics
‘cause i’m 19, but 99 years was put in my spirit
change the constitution, put the word “n.i.g.g.a” page one
page two, every n.i.g.g.a got money under the sun
so we can live it, middle finger to the system
if they f~cking got a problem, f~cking make it hard to fix it
had 400 year oppression, now we need 400 trillion…