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lirik lagu 2016 xxl freshmen class – 2016 xxl freshman cypher


[verse 1: denzel curry]
rest in power, it’s all about power
squeeze two lemons together and really all you’ll have is sour
diesel, n~ggas will smoke your ass with half the juice, riding around in a all black coupe, couple of b~tches that’s ready to shoot, sh~t
ducking and bucking and dodging and dropping with 40k on us and cigarette b~tts
f~cking around with the up at you london will turn you to cubes and i hope you be gone
evergo overload, cranium overdose, then the cascade, what the f~ck is the house?
cl!ck i get pout, pictures a wrap, tierra my witness i pray for her now
young and i’m restless will turn with the past, cl!cking that new sh~t, put on the gas, none of you n~ggas is acting that jam, don’t tee with that new cyphering class
green gun, particles, turn you into molecules, planet shrooms, planet shrooms, i’ll take you to my panic room

[verse 2: lil uzi vert]
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
all these, n~ggas stealing my style, can i get my flow back? yeah, bob on that b~tch like kodak, yeah, b~tch you know that, yeah, i’ll push your sh~t old back (oo oo)
told that b~tch i got money, ay (oo)
counting them hunnids, it’s nothing, ay
told that b~tch i got money, ay, tell that lil b~tch that it’s nothing, ay
(skrrt skrrt ta)
hit that b~tch right from the back she
got turkey i knock out that b~tch like it’s stuffing (skrrt skrrt ta) (okay)
yeah, told that lil b~tch that i’m with it, tell that lil b~tch that i’m with it, ay, what?
21, lil boat, yeah, denzel curry cut your throat, yeah, kodak do the most, yeah
told that lil b~tch i got all the money, i swear this sh~t is just nothing
i just be dancing right up on that b~tch, yeah, what you be stunting?

[verse 3: lil yachty]
(gangsta brezeel)
down with no gainer, that boy not my friend
i hang with my gang, this ain’t game to feel all of my pain
when i was struggling through the rain, when i had no guap with no ice
wasn’t no fool for rice, all of these b~tches, they want me put d~ck in one night
f~ck em’, i don’t give a f~ck what you saying, b~tch n~gga know i ain’t playing
i’m bout my fetti, talented armor we ready, f~ck up that n~gga if he talking too heavy, i’m bout it
chains on my neck cost me twenty, look at your diamonds your diamonds look cloudy, they fake
young n~gga in the gucci stands, f~ck with me if you wanna die, young n~gga, i don’t want no suit and ties, f~ck no, lil boat!
[verse 4: 21 savage]
21, 21, 21, 21, 21, 21, (gangsta brezeel)
i sent my b~tch to the store cause we ran out of soda (what?)
b~tch i’m tryna cook this yola (21)
hunnid round drum at the bottom of that sh~t (doot doot doot doot)
chop a n~gga down like a f~cking lawnmower (grrrrrrr)
ak~47 round my motherf~cking shoulder (21)
pulled up in a rover then i pulled off on a pistol
pulled up on yo b~tch she sucked my d~ck and then you kissed her (godd~mn!)
young savage b~tch and i don’t play around with them swishers (huh?)
i just smoked them woods (yeah!)
b~tch i’m from the hood (yeah!)
zone 6 bought a crashed on you can’t go there
21 gang b~tch (21 21)
i’m in nyc i think i gotta f~cking show them (yeah!)
hold up
rollie on my wrist
rollie on my b~tch (what?)
30 on my waist (what?)
30 to your face (yeah!)
60 to your face (yeah!)
90 to your face (yeah!)
that’s a closed case (yeah!)
you a old n~gga
man you washed up
young savage man i got my car washed up
pulled up in a m~th~f~cking like a washed uh
the i pulled up in a motherf~cking brink’s truck
21, 21, 21, 21
[verse 5: kodak black]
now who the f~ck picked this lil sorry ass beat
i’m from the ugly corner man them lil sorry ass streets
d~mn homie, i’m the one who let yo starving ass eat
you was hungry, i ain’t have to let yo sorry ass eat
my cousin g wayne got out for manslaughter last week
gave my dog a buck~fifty that n~gga brought me back three
i’m a— n~gga broad and get up all in them cheeks ta
they dead fly