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lirik lagu 2009 (rapper/r&b) – sleep walkin


runnnin with a sack that i got on my own
steady 155 on the i 94
sleep walkin trip the macbook cord
09 prime make when hits when im bored

call me in the am light
airplane mode on the west jet flight
holiday inn i get in when i like
and she play me in the car and cry about me while she drive

af1s got me high as a kite
bedroom flow with the sock on the mic
tryna tell me something i dont listen to these children
made a couple hundred scamming ppl do u feel him

atm withdrawl i think im having withdrawl
pockets feeling blue like i swallowed on some petrol
whip thats not a foreign thats a gt350
passin me the rock and i can dunk on your whole city

feel it in my chest like a lion he was calling me
f~ck a grey building b~tch im balling in the evergreens
name a b~tch from a~z i bet u that she wanted me
x pill on the snowhill got more money than a centipede

walkin like a forest fiend mike g wearin forest green
every time i look up the sky its like its calling me
but im clean like oral b she want me to just bend her knees
money over b~tches but she always wanna take a piece
money on my mind its like im sitting on a dollar tree
i dont go outside im watching jackass on my mtv
ruby rock wristband i got it for a heavy price
i just gave her whiplash speeding through the red light

gimme head then goodnight
yeah thats what i feel like
gas louder than a airstrike
f~ck my city riding round with straight pipes
plug cool came in it was airtight

i roll around the city like a dark night
d~mn right
how u tell yourself that u dont feel right
but i’m cool i’m feeling like i’m winning
life is like a movie and i’m starring in a million