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lirik lagu 2009 (rapper/r&b) – guardian


pull up clean
giovani on my whip
i need money in my hands
not no college b~tch
k!ll me thats a scholarship
cus my jeans cost more than a combat ship
09 saint laurent with my top
watch me f~ck the b~tch that u want

and its 09 b~tch onto better things
now im 3 striped up like a veteran
beige polo it came with a stallion
showing love now my tracks hit 1000

its a macbook pro and a sock mic
making sure that ur safe like a night light
guardian now my awp got u in clear sight
ultrasound smoking loud like its midnight

roll around the city got a bag of the smoke
u put posters on the wall i put money in my coat
big 09 swanton from the ropes
if i don’t blowup least i won’t be broke
nothing in result that means put more work
made 300 in a day ewhoring like a jerk
hating on me got u looking like a zombie
new balmains while u still wear aerocrombie