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lirik lagu 2009 (rapper/r&b) – fuck you (45)


an alibi
a valentine arise
and colt with 45

barely up
they dying to survive
fake attack
they scream and never die

diesel jeans
and coke to match the ride
vivid dreams
a beam down from the sky

take a walk
the shadows in a line
take a breath
and now your 45


paved a path
and now your dead inside
out of bounds
a foot across the line
but prada on her mind
take a tab
and live another lie

have a wish
a wish i have tonight
take away
the pain she feels inside

1 mistake
don’t live within your mind
but ball like 45

and i don’t give a f~ck bout sh~t
riding with a lot of it
big bag on my mind
i got money on my mind

f~ck u f~ck u f~ck u f~ck u 🙂