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lirik lagu 2007 – ​im so cool everybody likes me


today’s the worst day
until the next one takes over
wasting my time in the worst ways
wish i could take it slower

everything i have, it could perish in seconds
i’ll be feeling fine then it fades within minutes
i can’t even speak, i can’t finish my sentence
i can’t undo the past, i’m just begging for repentance

burn a hole in my throat, burn my hole in my lungs
burn a hole in my insides until i give up
stressed out, spilling blood on the dashboard
this was never the life that i asked for

i just wanna feel relatable
you don’t like me? that’s relatable
you think i b~tch too much? that’s relatable
say i’m worth something, that’s debatable

please talk over me, you must think that i love that
had to watch my back ’cause y’all never had that
sorry it’s a chore to be my friend when i’m down bad
you wouldn’t be like that if you knew my past

everybody’s out to get me
my past will always haunt me
paranoia in my brain
trying so hard to stay sane
i’m so cool, everybody likes me
i’m so cool, everybody likes me
i’m so cool, everybody likes me
yeah, yeah, yeah
i can’t wait to quit this, i can’t wait to quit this
is anybody listening?