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lirik lagu 2006 revival cast of company – “what did i just do?”


[amy, spoken]
what did i just do?

[robert, spoken]
you… did… what you had to do, i guess
if it was right, you would’ve gone through with it
that’s what i think anyway
marry me?

[amy, spoken]

[robert, spoken]
marry me?

[amy, spoken]

[robert, spoken]
you said it before, we’re just alike
why don’t we, amy?

[amy, spoken]
why don’t we, robert?

bobby, bobby
bobby baby
bobby bubi

[robert, spoken]
marry me
and everybody will leave us alone

bobby, bobby, how have you been?
stop by on your way home
bobby, we’ve been thinking of you

[amy, spoken]
isn’t this some world?
i’m afraid to get married and…
you’re afraid not to
thank you robert, i’m really…
it’s just that you have to want to marry somebody
not just some~body
would you look at that?
we went out without an umbrella or anything
i’ve gotta catch him
he’ll get pneumonia
i’m getting married!
and he’s so good, isn’t he?
so good
i’m the next bride!

bobby, come on over for dinner
just be the three of us
only the three of us
we love…