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lirik lagu 2006 revival cast of company – opening


bobby, bobby
bobby (bobby), bobby (bobby)
bobby (bobby), bobby (bobby)





[joanne, spoken]
this is a dirty phone call
larry and i will be in the country
so we’ll miss any birthday celebration—
anyway, you’re thirty~five
who wants to celebrate being that old?
well, i only hope i look as good as you
when i’m your age

[peter, spoken]
hey bob, it’s peter
get those girl outta your bed
and pick up the phone, will ya’?
god, i’m so envious i can’t even talk
call me

[amy, spoken]
hi bobby
it’s amy
i just wanted to say that
if i’m late for the surprise birthday party tonight
please tell paul i’m running…
oh wait, you’re not s’posed to know that there’s…
judy? judy?
oh goodness, i’m afraid i’ve dialed a wrong number
sorry, just ignore this phone call
oh god

[robert, spoken]
hi, this is bob
yes, today is my birthday
and yes, you may leave a message
about how happy you are
that i’m turning thirty~five
and whatever you’re calling about
the answer is yes

my birthday…
it’s my birthday!
do you know you had me scared to death?!
i was just about to run out of this place
like n0body’s business!
i was!
i mean, i didn’t know
i mean what kinda friends would surprise you
on your thirty~fifth birthday?
then again
how many times do you get to be thirty~five?
okay, c’mon, get it over with
it’s embarrassing, quick
i can’t stand it

[all, spoken]
happy birthday, robert!

[robert, spoken]
i stood it

thank you for including me
in your thoughts, your lives, your families
yes, thank you for remembering
thank you