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lirik lagu 20 minute crash – the cfb song


my mind uses my body as a wager
i smile in the eye of danger
like birds, birds of a feather
we flock together

we roll through the streets and lands
and thrive in the cities where we’re banned

i follow that feeling that drives me sane
i use my bike to focus and take aim
i may be just a crazy freakin’ biker to some
but i will live my life like today is the only one

what a nice park, kids run and play
not when you see it in a different way
our environment’s what we constantly redefine
we live and die by our own minds

it’s time to challenge the traditional ways
let them hear what we have to say


i call it street riding/you call it a crime
you build courts for your sports but not for mine
you tell me to stay out of trouble and use my head
but when i do you fine me instead
now i’m grown and you’ll have to hear me talk
so listen up cause i,ve worked hard for this spot
we’re here to challenge conventional sports
we use our imaginations and create our own courts


it’s time to challenge everything mundane
the future is putty so go and mold it your own way
its time to challenge our minds, our bodies, and souls
so grab your bike, grab your bike, grab your bike
let’s go!