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lirik lagu 2 thingz – aerodynamic


came up for this, and i’ll die in it
we pull up and she ride in it
do plan a with no hesitation, no pride in it, just vibe with it
yeah, i’m with it
set my alarm for the 6 a.m. and i’ll fly in it
i ain’t tryna get 6 in here but i’m draked out pushing my limit, yeah
my women looking good on my couch with a pair of them sweatpants
she say she only like chill sh-t, she don’t get dance
tell her it’s lit and her eyes they were calling a hitman
i wasn’t giving a sh-t, man
if i leave tonight, i’ll wake up tomorrow in rich land

she playing the flute, but the guys all wanna keep masks on
she pulling the loot, but the man just wanna take tax on it
she wanna be smooth, but if you wax it off, you gotta wax on
she throwing a loop, but my program just got hacks on it
ten racks on it
my chain link like zelda man
i ain’t never even held a man
but i’m g-y as sh-t, so sit down, i’ll bring h-ll to mans
don’t take commands
if it takes a stick to go reprimand, then i’ll pop the can in that dance hall
i stand tall
shout goes out to my man paul
knows how to help a man ball
next year in my plans, y’all
it’s 2 thingz, and i can’t fall