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lirik lagu 2 talents – everything



everything (acb)
everything (the big)
everything (2talents)
you are my everything (what i need)

you are my everything (everything)
you are my everything (everything)
you are my everything (everything)
babe you are, everything what i need…


you are the air what i breathe,
you are my heart, you are my beats,
you are the angel what protect me,
you are everything what i need,

you are my everything (everything)
you are my everything (everything)
you are my everything (everything)
babe you are, everything what i need,

verse 1:

what is love, why i do always think about you,
what is the true deeping meaning of i love you,
you got calm blood running thru this body,
cuz you’ve been there, so you my only shawty,
trust me the other tricks aint nothing like me,
i’m certified, but you can leave if you want easy,
no one i ever met has done what ya did to me,
the way you are is singing beautifully like a synfiny,
others tryna get with this i let go by like a breeze,
we too young but baby let’s tease,
we just having fun, cuz we only 13,
put them haters down to rest,
i thinking in a lifetime you would be the best,
i’m on a level i can’t even understand,
and i wish i could, but boy i can’t,
no one in this world can,
am i dreaming,


verse 2:

like bey said i can see your halo, it always show,
i’m asking god like is this dude really an angel,
me and you down with god avoid a place for sandals,
we both know this aint no movie love, so scratch the candles,
you see all those wanna be haters, they know they can’t handle us,
our love is big like a yellow school bus,
imma be here but let’s not make any unsure promise(s),
cuz like in the movies and reality things do happen,
i really don’t want our love to come to a closing,
i spit better than those other really lame rappers,
you know what’s good, that’s what ya here for,
and that’s really why i’m here fo,
them other girls tryna be some clones,
you know better to come back to where you belong,
i don’t rap childish, but never too grown,
i like ya voice, so we always get it poppin on the phone,
you can’t choose me by eny meny miny moe,
so freakin’ cute you curl your toes,
in a few years i wonder where we’ll go,

young a!

[chorus 2x]!