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lirik lagu 2 pac – thug luv (feat. bone-thugs-n-harmony)


artist: bone thugs-n-harmony f 2pac
alb-m: the art of war
song: thug luv
typed by:

n-gg- we doin this sh-t from cleveland to la
n-gg- whatever you n-gg-s want we bringing it
thug luv n-gg- what time is it yo
i don’t give a f-ck where you lay at
it’s time to slay these b-tch made n-gg-s

[bizzy-overlapping pac]
pac pac run wit us run wit us run wit us
pac pac run wit us pac and rip with thug luv

they ain’t even knowing what type of n-gg-s we is
where my thugs at bone thugs-n-harmony
i know you n-gg-s been waiting for this sh-t for a long time
well here it is n-gg- here it is what you gone do with it

well i must be close to the armageddon lord you know
that i won’t fly that lesson you taught me to pull out my wesson you brought
and am i stressing it softly get ’em up off me cause all
we wanted was harmony been bombing ’em yell up outta my ghetto
i want settle get on my level they can’t
stop me or drop me n-gg- they got me f-ck naw
little pac get schizophrenic and manage to damage all y’all
i’ll talk about ’em and you don’t really want it
cause they’re cornered and i want ’em to jump up
i’d rather say that we came to shut ’em all down
so quick to test bullet yes declare war
roll and i’ll blow when i get the gun for the murder mo’ horror
for what the did it all pause for the cause and i
fin to pull a nine or pistol little n-gg- wit mine f-ck dem n-gg-s it’s on
all y’all fall bizzy gettin b-tches test me bless the floor
in any attempt to arrest me stress me lord
looking at death with the last of my breath
follow follow my kids but don’t sin in my steps
yet the weapon