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lirik lagu 2 pac – the new untouchables


ft. snoop dogg, the outlawz & l.b.c. crew

and the n-gg-rs with the click click boom they kiss the rear
and like a fellow returns to us… he speaks
cause i’m the most slept on, west side
… motherf-cking untouchables with the lbc click n-gg-r, bad boy killing
put your guns down n-gg-r, we are motherf-cking untouchable
west side, outlaw thug life,… motherf-cking,… motherf-cking see, what does he like?…
you know
you turning an individual suffer with the jail… inhale making you forget the money
money it seems young black things triple beans dreams make them
… f-cking make a million,… from the top of the building, i brick them…
i could see it with my eyes right, it wasn’t hustle, it’s a pig that don’t fly right?
you got them like hit the… turn them into motherf-cking thugs n-gg-r
they’ll be… come bear with me, hang with us, same n-gg-rs go to jail with me
bang with the outlaw click, six since i came out, pull out my pistol,
and blow your brains out, pull it my every word like i bullet hollow point stab
burn n-gg-rs till they feel it… try to rock, thinking about no limitation, no coming off
dealing with everybody running off, they get the gas smack cracks out my gun ball
holes in your body and blood all over your clothes
cause money makes earth what it’s working hurt
doing dirt they spit it, you can borrow, i mean it
any… confrontation on currency,… stacking while i’m acting all low

… we see it it’s a no no
talking what you don’t know and you won’t know
heat holds me down, my… hold me down
cause i put the rush… n-gg-r we bust em up
cop… ready to blow your block off the map
thug life n-gg-r live with us cops trying to get us but they can’t

when you… money, you gotta always check your game
… maintain cause this game is a cold thang, can you dig it man?
the show man, i wish i had your game, look at young dog do your own thang
them b-tch -ss n-gg-rs… buck em no, stay real, watch yourself and untouchable
see that’s what’s wrong with you n-gg-rs, man
but… me and my dogs wanna f-ck that
we’re just paper chasing, we’re no maintenance
are you relaying to this sh-t we’re creating?
i’m a thug…
like i bury the dog… closer
… it’s called the layout
… we gotta take out here
… time to execute, aim for the… is you, that was cool when you died, n-body kept the truth

n-gg-rs play us, getting paper is a blackjack
but… that’s what we go, wanna do dreaming the scheme and know living untouchable
well it’s to all you… are we untouchable, bringing the rockers to all you…
but now we play, as far as we play

… many different ways…
f-ck with outlaws is crazy, they cut like… who is it the shot, get down…
… walk with safety, if you’re shaky, heard about… play no jail straight here