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lirik lagu 2 live crew – fuck a gang


who gives a f–k about a gang? n-gg-s in miami,we doing our own thang,we gettin paid these days,sh-t we do crime,but our crime pays,see ya’ll all about fightin’,the only n-gg- gettin’ paid for it is mike tyson!! ya’ll fightin’ for free!! ya better get smart,like the n-gg-s in miami!!our lifesryle is fast,quick to get money and swift to”whoop -ss”!! debonair is bad,don’t think that i’m a sucker,cause i’m not a bald-head built motherf-ker!! the most dangerous people never even look tough,y’alls’ robbing aint sh-t,everybody took stuff!! …..kinda’ punk who run home to grab a 4-5th,but as soon as y’all run my way,i’mma know that’s when to let the mac-10″spray”!!