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lirik lagu 2 chainz – ima dog


feat. skooly

alright, you know that i am feely,
my homies work for millie
hoes is bout money
and i still ain’t got no ceiling
if i get a dealy, there’s no big dealy
cause i’mma ride yo b-tch
and i’mma pot a f-cking willie
yeah, i got favor, i’m about paper
you and me balie, that’s a motherf-cking favor
and i got acres, i never seen my neighbors

gather on the ionade(?), talking bout the cater
if they yelling paper, yeah, i’m talkin’ murder
from the south side where all my n-gg-s server
all my n-gg-s workers and know how to get it
see, i’mma dog, come in your yard and take a sh-t


i fought with her, i feed her
then fight with her, i leave her
you let me off the lease,
i do my thang, it ain’t no secret
i’m the man, would you believe it?
i do my thang, it ain’t no secret

i’ma dog, i’ma i’ma dog

girls don’t need my skele,
name brand on my skele
two bad b-tches run with me
and i still tryna fight, they better
still sipping on that money
still tryna get this money
n-gg-s front tryna get with me
nick only had berret, nick only have better
nick gon leave in a hurry
n-gg-s gonna try fight with me
nick gon leave here early
i put the work out like recess
big feet on the car, t-rex