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lirik lagu 2 chainz – grew up a screw up freestyle


[hook ~ notorious b.i.g.]
grew up a f~ckin’ screw~up got introduced to the game, to the game and f~ckin’ blew up

[verse 1 ~ lil wayne]
i blew up before i grew up
got introduced to the game
now i’m at they head like crew cuts
suit up and lace your boots up, it’s war time
it’s weezy baby, no crying, no lying
these motherf~ckers is slippin’, they better hold on
they trippin’ like cedric and solange
i flow like i’m headless, no mind i can say don’t rhyme and it’s gonna rhyme
i’m so fresh, i should be smacked like dee barnes
and you get smacked like a baseball by b. bonds
i’m to the point, i could k!ll a n~gga with three lines watch this with, three, lines
we got that tussin and blunts is dipped three times
we light them motherf~ckers up and get tree high
and in the game i’m manning up like eli
r.i.p b.i


[interlude ~ lil wayne]
believe that
i say, i say believe that
i got my n~gga tity boi
duffle bag boss
(weezy whats happenin’)
[verse 2 ~ 2 chainz]
gucci belt, gucci glasses
four door coupe and the roof no magic
so don’t worry ’bout my other profession
cause it, i send shots in the other direction
the old me the rollie, the new me the ruby
jacuzzi, the movies
the groupies, the two pieces
and all the animals that dearly departed
know that my mink game is really retarted
i pumped a few packs, caught a few charges
made a few stacks and drove a few c~rs~s
i go to the mall and buy a few closets
the rap fernando vargas
got my hand on my strap
aimed at my target
duffle bag boy in some high~top pradas
get it, straight k!llin em’
i push weight and move pack
duffle bag boys in the front
young money in the back