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lirik lagu 2 breezy – freestyle


[part i]

[verse 1: elijah goldsmith]
wake up in the morning, i ain’t tryna get out the bed at all, nah
out late, last night doing sh~t i probably should not been involved in
pour some coffee, smoke some marijuana then i might take another ‘rall, yeah
33 minutes ‘til i’m up, that’s kareem abdul~jubar, man
i can see all of the bullsh~t even when it’s coming from a long distance
dennis rodman and scottie pippen is how i was taught to go ball defensive
audio hittin’ inside of the automobile and i promise i always whip quick
roddy how i gotta get rich, no
audemar up on the wrist, yeah
i can still see all the time…
since i was a kid in my vision and life wasn’t twisted
now shawty gettin’ naughty with it and she slim thick

[bridge: 2 breezy]
shotty wanna k!ll, yеah, yeah (yeah)
wanna k!ll, yeah, yеah (k!ll, yeah)
ice up on my grill, yeah, yeah (ice)
on my grill, yeah (grill, yeah)
she a bad thing, she a bad thing, yeah
shawty, she a bad thing, she a bad thing

[part ii]

[verse 2: 2 breezy]
i wake up, i throw up, i feel like i’m dead (dead)
sh~t came up, i go out, i pump out the the lead (pump)
we get the big sticks out, you know he is dead (uh~huh)
you show up, we pour up, you know i’m the best (best)
i get off, i show out, i hop in the bed (bed)
you know now, i want you, i want that good head (head)
we grow up, so proud now, no time for the feds (nah)
i’m out now, we free and you know i want bread (yeah)
you know i want bread, yeah (yeah)
you know i want head, yeah (ooh)
you know what i said, yeah (yeah)
we back in the bed, yeah (ooh)
ooh, i’m on my path now (now, yeah)
lookin’ at stars, yeah (stars)
up late, yeah, we smokin’ the haze
gettin’ knowledge day to day, everyday
b~tch in the back, givin’ brain, on the gang (wow)
all of the sh~t we do, never the same
diamonds on my neck, drippin’ like paint
workin’ so hard everyday, i might faint
past, way behind me (yeah)
only real ones stand beside me (‘side)
get the money then i run like a track meet
don’t even try me, won’t even play me (b~tch)
if you try to look for me, can’t even find me (zeus,)
feel like i live in a box like roddy
took that b~tch to the back, her name riley
try to hop on some beats and just spit
look at eli, he just did off the rip (woo)
ain’t no writin’ down, he with the sh~t
get the money way too fast then i dip
don’t even gotta go and hit the l!cks (nah)
you was talkin’ ‘bout something lil’ kid?
i ain’t talkin’ ‘bout your b~tch, you the b~tch