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lirik lagu 1up – first sample


[verse 1: 1-up]
i be doing me n-gga stay true to yourself
tryna be somebody else sh-t that is not good for your health
put your mind into your work boy that is better for your wealth
and don’t tell n0body sh-t my best quality is stealth
ok why everybody wanna wear the same sh-t
when they see something else they gone call it lame sh-t
everybody hates to be called basic
but you all the same how does that make sense
all y’all n-ggas so dumb
wanna be live n-gga you a rerun
claiming you a thug you ain’t pop no gun
n-gga you a snitch soon as the cops
ok money pics on instagram claiming that rich
boy you ain’t got no money got that from yo momma b-tch
man weak n-ggas make me sick
all y’all fake n-ggas just ain’t sh-t
talk about hoes that you can’t even get
boy tell that sh-t to yo main b-tch

[hook: 1-up]
r-i-o-t g-a-n-g n-gga that’s the clique
we ain’t worried bout’ you n-ggas so stay in yo lane b-tch (2x)

[bridge: 1-up]
riooooot gaaaaaaaang (4x)