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lirik lagu 1$tcho$e – lyft


we leave the club
i need a lyft x 2
bussing juggs
i need a lyft x2
i call yo hoex1
she need a lyft x1
we need a lyftx2
she on my pole she do the split
kick her out she on a lyft
send my home on a lyft
ion uber lil b-tch
i send you hoes on a lyft x1
i need a lyft x2
we need a lyft x2. i
everybody need a lyft x1

send hoe yo lyft
told hoe bring a b-tch
she off molly and with sh-t
1$t still getting rich
b-tch i called lyft
john said he on the way
diamonds on me dancing
but i ain’t sing like drake lol
all hoes say i’m handsome
get out my face
dirty boy from 6
ion need yo grace
1$t trying get paid
little hoe give me sp-ce
1$t only need face
sitting back while i face
call yo lyft
on the way x2
b-tch trying play cray
charlie manson that hoe
put that hoe in her place
ion ransoms that hoe
no second chance that hoe
you can ext my estates
gated community hoe
get the f-ck out my face