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lirik lagu 1takedaedae – still tippin remix


hit him in the back he look like ricky
n-gga talk sh-t oh really
got a redneck plug call him jimmy
he shot at me p-ssyboy but you miss you
he see i got bands now he wanna diss me
i don’t wanna go that way cause daedae get risky
choppa gon sing like whitney
bullets flying he running please don’t pick me
glock on my side we shooting them slugs
my n-ggas get bl–dy we came out that mud
she top the whole gang that’s b-tch you love
run up in his home with ski masks and gloves
shooter on the roof n-gga look above
slid on a n-gga he ain’t get enough
y’all n-ggas be fake the glock i trust, y’all n-ggas be fake the glock i trust
dae dae the huncho
toting that 9 i look like rondo
spanish shooter i call them vatos
n-gga talk sh-t we coming pr-nto
triple double i ball lonzo
extendo clip hold them hollows
if i shoot my n-ggas gon follow
black tint on the whip with forgiato’s
signed a deal buy my momma a beamer
she sucked the whole d-ck greg she a eater
i’m flexing them bands got more then my teacher
ice on my neck with spikes on my sneakers
oh sh-t daedae you the grim reaper
pockets fat look like peter
y’all n-ggas be b-tches f-ck that feature, y’all n-ggas be b-tches f-ck that feature
yo boyfriend is broke better stop it
glock on my side p-ssy boy ima pop ya
heat him up now he look like sriracha
tatted my momma name natasha
we send to his god allah
smoke that n-gga left him in that impala
stomp his -ss out in my prada’s stomp his -ss out in my prada’s