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lirik lagu 1stson pyrex – cap less


give me the reason to love you
and i want to love you more

just pree the bars

[verse 1]
ben franklin my mother tongue i speak fluent
take my word for it you don’t wanna see me prove it
they tried to school me once it’s a shame i’m not prudent
ceo bank account in the name of a student
i swear this life gone turn to the death of me
mind on the beat and k!ll it instrumentally
got a bad ting that still like to spend on me
charity, yvonne, tricia and that girl bethany
i find it hard to prioritise my priorities
all day hear my conscious, begging please
these days catching feels is like, catching felonies
2017; the last time i felt at ease
blood on leaves, black keanu reeves
might hop off the plant and reap my seeds
forex investment for, me and my gs
dad said he’ll handle, outstanding fees
that was just the first verse oh geez

just keep it running, just keep it running
no hook on this yo
here i go

[verse 2]
and my favorite just wrapped up her igs
paid promotion all on my ig
they double tap then decide they don’t like me
they all on my d-ck like they wives be
i’m sorry if my talking is too loud
but these bars too hard to not be proud
i could expose n-gg-s in the name of clout
but thank god that’s not what i’m about
i might get popped for starting all this drama
by boys with 3 bs on their dolce and gabbana
make sure to shoot twice so i skip the trauma
i gotta be international coz home don’t dig my genre
that ain’t really been hard for me
connections with n-gg-s that ride for me
only get erections for girls that would die for me
i own both teams so how you go switch sides on me ah
excess profit coz n-body rely on me
now keep those eyes on me
ayo check it

[verse 3]
i need dolla to set up promotion
i told grey to put this sh-t in motion
y10 know the magic, he got the potion
i told my aunties to keep me in devotion
i’m working hard for a promotion hold up

new days, mean new ways
my fingers either in the money or toupees
eyeing broads from mca
f-ck ent, i need to see etas
my n-gg-s on a dream team wave
effortless raps, this is the easy way
and i stay down like easy waves
ay 1stson out