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lirik lagu 1sb – what to hate?


artist’s : rulaz of da nation
t-tle : what to hate?
[verse 2: 1sb]

what you hatin’ for? (eeh?)
i got the business
nurses know me well (that)
im causin’ sickness, (ahhh)
no misty on my voice, (it’s like)
i got ’em cleaners
you got the mock flow than go..
we are the rulaz, (jeah)

i am a rula then i gotta make it straight
to the top we’re goin’ in i ain’t gonna translate, (ey)
snitchies on the back i’m sb i’m at the front, (mmh)
don’t tryna be my friend i ain’t gonna make it funny
make a new friend then be happy with, (mmh)
roll-up my weed and be high with, (mmh)
put ’em underwater and please tell a n-gga “breathe”
welcome to swegaland i’mma king right there, (yeah)

king right there yeah i swear it’s like that, (wo-wow)
yo’ll be my gr-ss boys and i’mma be the sickle, (ahhh)
i’mma point a finger at you the one in the middle, (ahhh)
this time around no sympathetic

when i’m on the stage
i’m movin’ ’em fans
rappers gonna say
im stealin’ ’em fans
we are the best
real realers
music is the business
we are dealers
you wanna get up?
climb pillar
what to hate?
flows k!llar
yo’ll b00bies
eat billar
i’m done my verse
welcome to swegaland

[chorus x2: 1sb]
what to hate?
my style is great
what to hate
my style is great

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