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lirik lagu 1hunnityoung – slim thick (remix)


lil mamma so fine so i treat ha like a dime….put her over my world now she in it every time….every time she see me frown yeah she right behind try a give me a hug…but we just give it some time till she rubbing me tryna make me feel good cause she something like a drug….got me on my tip toes girl i think i’m in love….you don’t waist no time….shape looking real pretty…from them curls to them heels yea them n-ggas real thirsty…..yea them n-ggas real thirsty ….they tryna give you watt you want but i know what you need….you a down -ss chick and i love ya physique….shaped like a hour gl-ss yea i’m counting the time…..just to be next to you yeah i feel like i’m i’m wearing a crown…be my wife girl and tell me you gun hold me down….no outside affairs cause we stay around and i’m inside every nigh putting it down….but lemme tell you this girl when i say you my world yeah i mean that shhh ain’t gotta tell the world…….it’s a lot of haters and they all want you and me so don’t give them the time shoulda bought they own watch…just let em watch and see how we making these moves how you putting it down how we living it up well….and we off the market don’t try to eat here cause we not from boston…just live it up just live it up just live it up…find a regular girl just to show the world like boosie said yea ima show the world…just what i’m made of got me high as ever come back to earth…so we can rule the turf put it down yea we next in line yeah i know the time and we next in line….so please make some room cause young coming up wit bad -ss chick yea we cuddled up…..up under the roof of my 2 door coupe….she leant over the bed and told me love her …..owwweee… i gave her good loving now she dripping good juice….put my hand over her mouth before she blow the roof…got the neighborhoods looking crazy cause they heard it too…but she don’t even care cause she ready for round…….. two…..tell em

my girl she right there by my side no matter what she hold down my girl she right there by my side no matter what she hold down…..